Sunday, November 12, 2017

After a long time and i had to be reminded

Dear Son,
 Its has probably been years since i wrote to u. Please accept my apologies as i sincerely regret it. There was so much i wanted to document but i guess the effort always evaded me. But here i am today and that is thanks to you Dadaji who has insisted that i maintain a diary for you, on an everyday basis, recording something you have done on that day. He promises this will be great help to you when you grown up and in your growing up.

I wanted to do the same but could not. here i"m trying again and hope it will last this time. You are three years and seven months old now. You have joined school, intact its your third school. Your first school was in Berhampur, where you went only for 2 days. that was called "Mother's Care
". It belonged to a Punjabi Sikh couple who had long migrated to the city and had a successful business. The school was the wife's idea since her kids had grown up and gone their way. It used to take us 45 mins to get to the school from our residence in Chatrapur, and you were not even 2 yrs old by then. And you would stay there only if i stood outside your class the whole time.

Anyway, Nitin got transferred to Bhubaneswar and we shifted to a new city, new house, new school for u. We stayed in the guest house for 2 months as we could not get the house we wanted allotted to us (some powerful ministers and officers were also trying hard to get it). But ur daddy succeeded and we got our Bhubaneswar bungalow. It was painful leaving Chatrapur, specially our staff there. Infact Tikki and Praful stayed with us for almost 3 months but ultimately had to go back. Getting you to let go Praful, your Bira, was the toughest. With him around, you did not even need me.

As earlier, here also we had an army of servants just for u. You always had at least two attendants. But, unfortunately, we did not like their handling of you, how much ever we tried to tell then, and ultimately most of them were thrown out. Now after one and half year, you are all by yourself, except for one attendant in the evening (your Subhash bhaiya). Proud of you. This is what i like about you, you have a natural talent to cope up with situations and never complain. You are the most understanding young man.

You joined a pre school, Hello Kids, while we were staying in the guest house. Initially you were all right with it but i don't really know what happened and you started refusing to go to school. Being liberal parents, we never forced you, except for a few times when i thought that maybe you are not going because we are not being firm with you and you might be taking advantage. But i was so wrong and i will explain that later. I had put you in that school at the recommendation of your Namrita aunty, as she had sent her daughter Mehr to that school for summer camp and they thought very highly of it. after confirming with the teacher and the owner of the school that i do not want you to be pushed to learn anything, so no tests, no homework and exams at all, we had got you admission there. But i guess they did not tell me everything about their curriculum clearly because soon you started getting homework, then your test schedule started coming and then there were final exams. For the record, i never made you do any of that. i told the teacher you would not be coming for the tests and exams as i did not approve of a 2 yr old being subjected to this thinking and that the concept of homework was ridiculous since i was sending you to school to develop your social skills and make friends and enjoy not to make you a factory worker (so to speak). She couldn't really refute my arguments and hence you got a nice little certificate of merit from the school.

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